Atlas of Living Australia: Train the Trainer Workshops

Planning is underway to deliver Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) Train the Trainer Workshops across Victoria, in March 2020.

Workshops will be delivered by Peter Brenton, Manager of Applications, Atlas of Living Australia, CSIRO.

Train-the-trainer sessions are intended for community facilitators who will use what they learn in these sessions to promote the use of the ALA tools in their communities and provide local training and support in their use.  These may include Landcare Facilitators, project staff, and community leaders with a strong interest in weed mapping and enabling the community to make the most from ALA and BioCollect.

Register your interest in attending or hosting an ALA Train the Trainer Workshop by completing this short survey – LINK.

Further detail can be found in the attached PDF,

Atlas of Living Australia Workshops 2020_VSTWP