AGM highlights VSTWP success

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The VSTWP recently completed its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Bacchus Marsh and was delighted to see two new Community Representatives join the strong committee for the next term of governance. Charles Grech and Graham Hooper joined the VSTWP as Community Representatives for the areas of Darraweit Guim and Bacchus Marsh, and both have agricultural background and a good understanding of the complexities of weed management.  We would like to welcome Charles and Graham with open arms and hope they can use their skillset on our project management and oversight. The AGM gave the audience an overview of the past 12 months of achievements and updated the stakeholders on the future direction of the VSTWP and what projects will be implemented over the next 12 months.

The VSTWP are sad to see the departure of Mandy Coulson as a Community Representative, who was covering the North Central region of Victoria and has a long history of managing Serrated Tussock and contracting with the VSTWP. We thank Mandy for her long term support and expert advice over the past decade, or two! Mandy has a busy role at the North Central Catchment Management Authority and also a large farm to manage in the north of Victoria.

Whilst there was a healthy commitment from the remaining committee members to stay on for another term, there was a change in the role of Chairperson at the AGM, with Lance Jennison stepping up from Vice-Chair and John Burgess stepping down from Chairperson to Vice-Chair. We would like to thank John Burgess for his massive commitment over the past decade, where he has been Chairperson for many of the years and has lead with honor and dignity. John has been an important voice for the VSTWP and has battled tirelessly in obtaining more exposure and funding for important projects. We welcome the very capable Lance Jennison to the role of Chairperson and will ensure his journey is one that is supported and well remembered.

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