Pentland Hills biolinks project video launched

We received an excellent video from the Pentland Hills Landcare Group, who have battled Serrated Tussock for decades and have been a major player across the region.

The videos describe the Myrniong and Korkuperrium creeks Biolink project 10 years after its commencement. These videos can be found on You tube either through the links:

or if you log into You tube and use the search phrase Myrniong Biolink or Pentland Hills Landcare Group.

Please have a look and be proud of what the community achieved with this wildlife corridor project, which also creates preventative windbreaks for slowing the spread of Serrated Tussock across the landscape. Native shelterbelts have proven to be useful in preventing the wind-born tussock seeds from blowing into new areas, as they stop the tumbling seeds on windy days.

For more details about the project, please click here to visit the Pentland Hills Landcare Group.