VSTWP to setup at Seymour Farming expo: 1-3 April 2022

The VSTWP are excited to announce that we will have a table at the popular Seymour Farming Expo from 1-3 April 2022. Held in the heart of Victoria at Kings Park Seymour, the Expo features approximately 400 exhibitors and attracts 20,000 visitors across three days.

We will have a stall in the indoor pavilion that will feature live plants, brochures and maps to highlight the threats and impacts that Serrated Tussock poses. Landowners will be encouraged to visit our site to discuss Serrated Tussock programs and help with identifying the invasive plant.

The expo is a great chance to explore the latest technology, practices and trends in small and backyard farming, visit the animals and enjoy market-style shopping, food and entertainment. The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo organisers are thrilled to have the expo happening again, given the cancellation of recent farming events during the COVID period.

The expo features support not just from the local community within the Seymour district, but from as far and wide as southern New South Wales, Melbourne and Gippsland. It is a very well-supported event by all the community and gives the VSTWP a great opportunity to engage with land managers.

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For more details on the Seymour Farming Expo, and how to purchase tickets, please click here.