Monthly Archive: September 2022

Determining the cost of tussock: Victoria

We are often asked about the economic, environmental and social cost of serrated tussock to the Victorian economy, and at the moment, we really don’t know. The VSTWP have a number of outdated and often irrelevant figures from other states and from within Victoria, but nothing up to date and accurate in todays terms. Recently... Read more

Update: Biocontrol of serrated tussock

We are excited to report that our biological control research project has reached a milestone update, which we received from Agriculture Victoria a few weeks ago. The update report highlighted the progress and challenges to date and sets the scene for the upcoming research trials and possible challenges ahead. The VSTWP contributed $25,000 towards the... Read more

Using remote sensing to find tussock: research

The VSTWP have been watching with excitement at an innovative research project by Agriculture Victoria on the use of remote sensing to determine the distribution of alligator weed and serrated tussock. The research team explored the use of satellite imagery to map serrated tussock across the landscape, and developed a series of serrated tussock classification... Read more