VSTWP develop new serrated tussock identification video

The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) have added a new video covering the topic of identification to their YouTube channel, in order to engage and deliver information to land managers on the noxious weed serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) across Victoria. The VSTWP have traditionally provided one on one extension services and print media services to landowners affected and impacted by the invasive grass, serrated tussock, but is now also focusing on providing additional community engagement and extension services through videos.

The latest video focuses on how to identify serrated tussock from similar grasses such as Chilean Needle-Grass and native Poa and Stipa grasses. It aims to give landholders an insight into how to spot serrated tussock throughout the year, from a distance and from up close, and how to ensure identification is correct.

The VSTWP YouTube channel keeps landholders updated with the latest control methods, best practices, research, treatment information and extension material and provides new information and discussion on all matters serrated tussock. The Youtube channel now features 24 videos ranging from how to identify serrated tussock, the VSTWP background, control methods and video case studies featuring landowners who have been battling serrated tussock for decades.

The latest identification video can be viewed here:

The Chairperson of the VSTWP, Lance Jennison, said “I would encourage anyone who has not visited and liked our Facebook site or Youtube Channel to explore of the resources available and services our group can offer groups and individuals”. “The Youtube channel will be another useful tool in our engagement tool kit, and will allow landowners to stay updated with instant access to the latest videos, and achievements and best practice management we can deliver”.