The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) has continued community extension programs in strategic locations across Victoria over the past 12 months, supporting nearly 350 landowners in the Romsey, Kerrie, Airly and Maffra regions. Two extension officers were contracted to implement the targeted extension projects, which aimed to increase awareness of serrated tussock and provide landowners with the knowledge and resources to manage infestations. The VSTWP are aiming to contract a third extension officer to work in the core infestation area, subject to further funding arrangements.

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All landowners in the target areas were offered a free property visit, an information package detailing serrated tussock identification and management options, technical advice on serrated tussock control and a property map noting any serrated tussock infestations located. VSTWP Chairman Lance Jennison noted that “each of the extension projects were launched with an information session or field day, with all landowners in the target area invited to discuss the project and learn about the biology, identification and services available to landowners affected by serrated tussock”.

“Providing expert one-to-one advice is recognised to be most beneficial to landholders and forms the foundation of success; personalised advice provides the landholder with the capacity and confidence to successfully achieve longterm control of serrated tussock on their property. The experience and expertise of our Extension Officers and relationships with communities are what makes our extension projects so effective and successful” noted Mr Jenison.

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The VSTWP have also increased their community engagement activities and presence in the online and field day events across the state. Highlights over the past 12 months included 13500 views on the new Youtube channel, attendance at 7 community events and the installation of 25 new landowner signs across the state.

For further information, or to order a hard copy of the Progress Report 21/22, please contact Ivan Carter, Community Engagement Officer, Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party on info@serratedtussock.com

CLICK HERE: VSTWP Progress Report 2021 – 2022