Case Studies

For more information on the management and control of Serrated Tussock, and the success we’ve had in eliminating it from farms around Victoria, view our case studies below.

Controlling Serrated Tussock on a small Farm: Greendale, Victoria.

Written by Ivan Carter, VSTWP Extension Officer, Simon and his family recently constructed their dream home on a 20-acre plot in the southern region of... Read Case Study

Valuing land by controlling tussock – Meredith , Victoria, By Tim Johnston 2020

If anyone can appreciate the value of their land, it’s Rob and Heather Kent of Meredith.  As land valuers, the Kent’s opened the first real... Read Case Study

RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPER – Woodlea residential development – Victoria, 2020

Woodlea is a residential development near Melton, west of Melbourne. Throughout the western outer suburbs, serrated tussock is known to occur in medium to dense... Read Case Study

LOCAL GOVERNMENT – Simon Purves – Brimbank City Council, Victoria, 2020

Simon Purves from Brimbank City Council oversees a serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) control program for Sydenham Park, a 231 hectare site, in the outer north... Read Case Study

SMALL COMMERCIAL LANDHOLDER – John Webb Ware – Clarkefield, Victoria, 2020

The Webb Ware’s property is located east of Clarkefield on the outer fringes of Melbourne. John and his family have owned the property since 2000,... Read Case Study

SMALL NON-COMMERCIAL LANDHOLDER – Alan Morton – Pentland Hills, Victoria, 2020

The Morton property is located in the Pentland Hills north west of Bacchus Marsh and 70km west of Melbourne. This area of Victoria has extensive... Read Case Study

SPOT SPRAYING PERSISTANCE Toolernvale, Victoria By Ivan Carter, 2019

Helen and Barry have lived in rural Toolernvale for over two decades and relocated from the city to get some acreage for their farming ambitions... Read Case Study

BLIGHT TO BEACON: MT DARRIWILL Ballan, Victoria, By Roger McRaild, 2019

Just east of Ballan, Mt Darriwill has a prominent position on the landscape of the Werribee River.   Given the ability for serrated tussock seed to... Read Case Study

Neighbourly aerial support program – Murgheboluc , Victoria By Tim Johnston 2019

When James Boyd acquired his 118 ha property in Murgheboluc in late 2016, he was unfamiliar with the challenges associated with managing serrated tussock. Having... Read Case Study

Cost Benefit Case Studies of four landowners managing Serrated Tussock

This document covers four Case Studies of farmers managing Serrated Tussock in Grazing Systems, across Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. 3D Weed Management: For... Read Case Study

Rowsley Valley, 20 years on

The Rowsley Valley is a picturesque volcanic lava flow located 50kms North-West of Melbourne and was among the earliest regions in Victoria to be settled... Read Case Study

Tussock management requires a multi-pronged attack in Maude

Graham and Elaine Johns of Maude, 33 kilometres north-west of Geelong, have a long history of managing serrated tussock. After joining the Maude & District... Read Case Study

Steep slope success in Bungal

In 2017 the Department of Land Water and Planning’s Adrian Balharry was faced with a very difficult site to manage in Bungal. The steep 10... Read Case Study

Early intervention is the key in Bullengarook

John Pelham runs Angus Cattle on his 100 hectare farmlet in the high rainfall area around Bullengarook. The property has a mix of volcanic soil... Read Case Study

Ongoing monitoring crucial for serrated tussock control at Inverleigh

Susan and Garry Wishart’s farm ‘Leigh Estate’, a grazing based property, is situated on the western banks of the Leigh River, Inverleigh. Garry began farming... Read Case Study

Dennis Family Corporation’s three year plan for serrated tussock in Manor Lakes

Dennis Family Corporation is in the business of creating master planned communities while minimising their impact on the environment and have recently implemented a three... Read Case Study

A story of success in progress in Mt Egerton

As an Extension Officer I have the privilege of meeting hundreds of landowners and witnessing many different approaches to land management. While there are some... Read Case Study

Livestock management and serrated tussock in Gisborne South

Damien Smith is an experienced farmer on a 100ha farmlet south of Gisborne, which has fertile dark loam soils, lending itself to productive small-scale farming.... Read Case Study

A few decades battling tussock at Rowsley

Graham Simpson has seen many a drought, flood and fire pass through the family farm since the 1950s and can certainly tell you a thing... Read Case Study

Controlling serrated tussock on a Sunbury hobby farm

Jamie and his family have recently built their dream home on a 20 acre plot of land to the west of Sunbury, adjacent to the... Read Case Study

Serrated tussock management at Barwonleigh farm

This video features Victorian landowners discussing the importance of managing and controlling the invasive grass Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) on a large farm called Barwonleigh,... Watch Case Study

Serrated tussock management at Mount Rothwell and Weering

This video features a Victorian landowner discussing the importance of managing and controlling the invasive grass Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) on a large farm at... Watch Case Study

Serrated tussock management at Yalouk Estate

This video features a Victorian landowner discussing the importance of managing and controlling the invasive grass Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) on a large farm at... Watch Case Study

Active land management containing serrated tussock in Meredith

The Meredith Dairy, run by the Cameron family, is located to the east of the Leigh River, within the area recognised as Victoria’s core infestation... Read Case Study

Controlling serrated tussock along Jacksons Creek: post grassfire, Riddells Creek

Heather and Mike have been farming on their rural property near Riddells Creek in Victoria, one hour north of Melbourne, for a few decades. The... Read Case Study

Strategic planning for serrated tussock management at Modewarre

Having lived in rural Bellbrae, Margot Galletly shifted to Modewarre in 2001 to provide an increased acreage for sheep and more room for a growing... Read Case Study