Get Involved

Members of the Victorian community make up the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) in collaboration with stakeholders, such as the State Government, CMAs, Linear Reserve Managers, Local Government, and Landcare. Community representatives come from various walks of life with varied skills and experience; all with an interest and concern about serrated tussock in Victoria.

Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party Community Representatives

All Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party members both ordinary members and those holding office positions are considered community representatives who represent the Victorian community.

It is the community representative’s responsibility to meet the outcomes of the Victorian Serrated Tussock Strategy 2018-2023 by educating, promoting and encouraging the Victorian community to adopt serrated tussock best management practices.

The role of a community representative is broad and adaptable but the following lists examples of where the role can be applied to achieve community benefit.

  • Contact the media and promote serrated tussock best practice management and your role as a community representative.
  • Make yourself well known in your local community as a representative of the VSTWP.
  • Represent the VSTWP at events and deliver presentations were appropriate.
  • Speak to landholders and provide technical advice on serrated tussock control.
  • Attend meetings of the VSTWP and participate as a community representative relaying community concerns and solving issues.
  • Write letters on behalf of the VSTWP on letterhead but these must be approved by the Chair of the VSTWP prior to sending.
  • Represent the VSTWP at external meetings but the community representative should make contact with the Chair or Executive Officer prior to doing so.
  • Engage other community groups to educate their local community on serrated tussock best management practices.
  • Be in regular contact with the VSTWP Chair and other community representatives.

Community representatives may be reimbursed for their time attending VSTWP meetings in accordance with Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party ‘sitting fees and travel rates schedule.’ Community representatives will also be reimbursed for kilometres travelled by car and other travel costs such as parking or public transport to attend VSTWP meetings, external meetings, and other events.