Here is a great article from the Golden Plains Shire Council, who do some excellent work mapping and treating Serrated Tussock in their region.

Welcome to the first instalment of Council’s Weeds in Focus series, where over the next few months we’ll share information on common weeds found in Golden Plains Shire.

Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) is one of Australia’s worst weeds. Locally, it is a problem in the southern end of the Shire around Inverleigh, Bannockburn, Teesdale and Batesford, but can also be found as far north as Meredith, and as far west as Wingeel and the Moonlight–Misery Creek area. The weed is particularly noticeable in late spring when it flowers.

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The grass is highly invasive, and large plants can produce up to 100,000 seeds per year. The seeds, which are attached to a light seed head, can be blown up to five kilometres from the original plant.

Serrated tussock is often confused with native tussock species. While native species have flattened or angular leaves, serrated tussock can be identified by its narrow leaf which feels like a pin when rolled between the fingers. It has fine serrations that can be felt when running fingers along the leaf from the tip to the base.

Serrated tussock has very low nutritional value and stock will usually avoid grazing the weed. Serrated tussock is normally controlled by spraying or mechanical removal.

Agriculture Victoria can direct landholders to control or eradicate serrated tussock on their properties. If you are unsure whether you have serrated tussock on your property, you can contact Council’s Natural Resources Officer on 5220 7111.

For more information about serrated tussock and its control, visit the below links or call the Natural Resources Officer on 5220 7111.