AGM Update

The VSTWP recently completed it’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) online and was delighted to see plenty of Community Representatives stay committed for the next term of governance.  We would like to welcome our new community representatives for 2021 to provide leadership and oversight for the management of serrated tussock in Victoria.

The AGM provided an overview of achievements over the 2019 -2020 year along with the future direction of the VSTWP and what projects will be implemented over the next 12 months.

Executive Officer Martin Deering delivered a presentation on the 2019 – 2020 extension projects and how the VSTWP are delivering their services in the light of the COVID restrictions. We welcome Joe Lesko as the newest VSTWP committee member who will be representing the Pentlands Hill Landcare and surrounding areas.

We are sad to see the departure of Wendy Bitans, Alan Morton, John Webb Ware, as Community Representatives. We thank Wendy, Alan and John for their support and expert advice over the years. The role of Chairperson remains with the very capable and diligent Lance Jennison. Lance has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment as Chair while the VSTWP delivers a range of Federally funded projects, alongside our conventional communications and extension services.

Please stay updated on our projects and achievements over the next 12 months by joining the Tussock Times mailing list, or following us on Facebook. If you are wondering who is the VSTWP and what do we do, and why, please watch our recently produced video by clicking here.

VSTWP Community Representatives

Chair                                      Lance Jennison
Vice-Chair                             John Burgess
Treasurer                              Graham Hooper
Ordinary Members                Peter Linderman
Mandy Coulson
Lauchlan McIntyre
Charles Grech
Shawna Dominelli
Joe Lesko


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