Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy: Have your say

Regional Catchment Strategy Renewal

The Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy is due for renewal as required under the Catchment and Land Protection Act.  The Victorian Catchment Management Council in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Catchment Management Authorities have developed guidelines (approved by the Minister) which all CMAs are using as the basis for renewal.  The Regional Catchment Strategy will provide the basis of Integrated Catchment Management across the Corangamite region and will contribute to state-wide outcomes.

What is the Regional Catchment Strategy?

  • The Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy is a blueprint for catchment health. It provides a strategic, integrated framework for natural resource management in the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority’s region of Victoria.

Why is it important?

  • The Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy identifies desired regional outcomes and priorities, as well as describing an approach for further inclusion of local priorities. It is an overarching strategic framework for action
  • It provides the principles for appropriate, integrated land and water management within the region by identifying roles and responsibilities of those involved in the management of such land and water- based assets.
  • It identifies the various systems that drive land and water management within the regional context and provides the basis of integrated place-based action.’

Have Your Say!

The Regional Catchment Strategy is an online document that is currently under development. The link below will enable participants to view the current draft and the ability to provide comment through the “have your say” function. This strategy will be updated on a regular basis.