Reforming Victoria’s biosecurity legislation

Help shape the reform of Victoria’s biosecurity laws

Biosecurity refers to the measures and controls that protect us from the negative impacts of pests, weeds and diseases. This includes our industries, the economy and community, natural environment, and our cultural and recreational assets. Victoria has an effective biosecurity system that has successfully protected the state from many damaging pests, weeds and diseases. However, factors such as increasing global movements of goods, people and ships are increasing biosecurity risks.

It’s vital we ensure Victoria’s biosecurity system remains effective. This includes the legislation that underpins the system.


The reform

The reform of Victoria’s biosecurity legislation will build on current strengths and support a more flexible and transparent biosecurity system.

New legislation will maintain Victoria’s reputation for high-quality and safe produce and support our agricultural industries and their significant contribution to our economy and communities. New legislation will continue to protect Victoria’s natural environment with its unique flora and fauna as well as our cultural and recreational assets from the negative impacts of pests, weeds and diseases.

A focus of the reform is to consolidate Victoria’s biosecurity laws relating to animals, plants and pests currently spread across multiple Acts into a single Biosecurity Act. This provides opportunity to review and clarify the laws, improve the regulatory toolbox, and develop legislation that support new ways for government, industry and the community to work together on managing biosecurity risk.

There is also opportunity to consider how biosecurity legislation can recognise Traditional Owner rights and systems of knowledge in Caring for Country.

Biosecurity relating to human health is outside the scope of this reform.

How to provide feedback

Read the Discussion Paper. Complete a short survey, or make a submission to provide more detailed feedback.

This consultation closes midnight Sunday 9 October 2022.

Next steps

Your feedback will help confirm the priorities for the reform of Victoria’s biosecurity legislation.

Feedback received will also inform the development of policy proposals for the reform.

We’ll seek feedback on policy proposals as the reform progresses in 2023.