Update: Serrated Tussock Control Trial Site Visit: Tuesday the 23rd May 2023

Interested in hearing more about recent herbicide trials targeting Serrated Tussock? Contact Organics are conducting a tour of their trail site near Melton VIC, which has targeted serrated tussock using their organic herbicide ‘Weed Terminators’. The tour will be on Tuesday 23 May 2023, at 11am. Further details are provided below.

Serrated Tussock Control Trial Tour: Eynesbury Golf Club

When: 11am, Tuesday 23rd May 2023
Where: Eynesbury Golf Club
487 Eynesbury Road
Eynesbury VIC 3338

Meet in the Pro shop carpark for a short stroll to the trial site. Come and see the breakthrough in effective environmentally-friendly weed control.

Contact Organics developed the Weed Terminators by combining cutting-edge technology, scientific research and natural ingredients. Your natural weed control program can now be more effective, cost competitive, safe for the user and beneficial to the environment.

We applied our bioherbicide to a large patch of Serrated Tussock 17th November 2022 with great results. Germination test indicates all seeds are infertile due to the desiccant properties of the Weed Terminator.

Bioherbicides that are Non-toxic, Residue-free, Effective, Environmentally friendly, and support Soil

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