VSTWP education and engage at Sheepvention

The VSTWP partnered with the Gorse Task Force at the popular Hamilton Sheepvention in early August 2023 and delivered targeted advice to the attendees over the two days. The event was well attended, with landowners and managers having a chance to see serrated tussock specimens and learning how to best manage serrated tussock infestations.

The weather was an improvement over last year, with numbers at the event very strong, with VSTWP volunteers working hard to ensure landowners weren’t left disappointed. Joe Lesko and Lance Jennison attended on behalf of the VSTWP, along with Communications and Engagement Officer, Ivan Carter.
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The highlight of the event was sharing the stall with the Gorse Task Force (GTF) and collaborating with the community poest management groups (CPMGs). Of most interest again was the live specimens of serrated tussock and native poa grass, where landowners could compare the two side by side. “The best way to learn to identify this noxious weed is to see the two similar plants side by side so you can identify the differences,” said Community Engagement Officer Ivan Carter.

“It was terrific having Christina from the GTF along side us, as we were able to engage with a wider audience and also cover a variety of invasive species”.

The VSTWP were close to the Agriculture Business stalls, which helped attract people to a variety of different displays and share and highlight the VSTWP’s extensive work on serrated tussock control and management in Victoria, and present information on best practice management to new landowners in the region.

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The region around Hamilton and its surroundings is subject to low to medium-density infestations of serrated
tussock, with landowners keen to get on top of new infestations before they become established. Recently a few new infestations have been discovered, which is concerning and a high priority for landowners and the local and state government.
The VSTWP provided information sheets and highlighted some successful landowners managing larger infestations of serrated tussock across the state of Victoria. “The new case studies, along with the online videos, have proved to be really popular with the community and highlight that prevention is the key to succeeding in reducing the impact and costs of this invasive plant,” said Mr Carter.

The next event for the VSTWP will be the Elmore Field Day, which is a massive crowd and always worth attending.