Broadacre spraying

Broadacre spraying applies herbicide over a large area using a calibrated boom spray. A selective herbicide may be used for more targeted control. A nonselective herbicide may be used before cropping and the establishment of pasture. Follow the product label and seek advice from an agronomist or chemical supplier.

Control Method Rating
CostLow Medium High
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Broadacre spraying is effective where the density of serrated tussock is too high and extensive for effective spot treatment. Broadacre spray before cropping or sowing pasture. Glyphosate can be used for actively growing plants and before flowering. Flupropanate can be used before rain so that it can wash into the soil and be taken up by the roots. Flupropanate is a residual herbicide which will control serrated tussock for up to two years.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons depend on the extent on the infestation, the herbicide being used, and the intended land use. In general, broadacre spraying is more cost effective for heavier infestations over large areas. Broadacre spraying is less targeted and more likely to impact desirable species.

Follow up

Broad acre spraying usually requires follow up treatments, either sowing of desirable pasture species or crop.


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