Spot spraying

Spot spraying involves treating individual plants with a backpack or unit using a spray gun. Application and coverage depend on the chemical used. Seek advice from a reputable herbicide supplier or commercial contractor. To keep track of treated areas, use spray dye and work with the sun behind you to make plants more visible, or use flags, stakes, fence posts or a GPS tracker to map the treated area.

Control Method Rating
CostLow Medium High
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Spot spraying is useful in all situations, particularly in light and scattered infestations. Good results are also possible for medium to high density areas combined with follow up measures. Seek advice from a reputable herbicide supplier or commercial contractor and check the product label to determine the best time to spray. Best results are achieved if treated before flowering.

Pros and cons

Spot spraying can be part of your general farm activities and other weeds can be targeted at the same time. Smaller plants are easily missed so keep an eye out for any growing under larger plants as missed plants go on to seed. Spot spraying can be labour intensive, nearby plants can be damaged, and weeds may develop chemical resistance. Some herbicides limit grazing times for animals.

Follow up

Repeated follow up effectively reduces serrated tussock density over time.


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