Wick Wipe

Herbicide is applied to serrated tussock with carpet or a rope wick wiper, which is usually mounted on the back of a vehicle. Heavily graze pastures to reduce the height of desirable species to at least 15 centimetres, set wiper height to 10 centimetres above the desired pasture, wipe twice in opposite directions making sure the wiper remains wet. Avoid drips.

Control Method Rating
CostLow Medium High
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The wick wipe method can be used throughout the year.  It is useful for removing large serrated tussock plants on pastural land and infestations on level ground.

Pros and cons

The wick wipe method causes minimal damage to desirable vegetation, with a low risk of off-target damage and it requires only small volumes of herbicide. However, seedlings and plants below wiper height will not be controlled. This method is labour intensive, risks off-target damage and may leave some areas untreated.

Follow up

Follow up by spot spraying seedling regrowth.

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