Machinery hygiene

Clean equipment is vital in preventing the spread of serrated tussock. Short accredited vehicle and machinery hygiene courses are available to build your understanding of how to prevent serrated tussock spreading. Remove contaminated soil and plant material with compressed air if it’s dry and water if wet. Conduct control activities to reduce exposure to serrated tussock seed and inspect machinery, vehicles and equipment regularly and clean when necessary. Ensure machinery is clean when leaving infested areas and before entering clean areas. Take extra care when serrated tussock is seeding in spring and early summer.  Establish cleaning areas and monitor those sites to control serrated tussock plants.

Control Method Rating
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Vehicles, equipment and machinery must be cleaned each time they’re used or brought onto the property. Include hygiene clauses in any contract work and check that contractors are accredited, understand hygiene and adhere to machinery hygiene standards. Make sure they maintain records of hygiene practices for machinery and the work site.

Pros and cons

Cleaning removes seeds of all weeds from equipment and machinery to reduce their spread as well animal and plant diseases in soil. Cleaning encourages regular equipment inspections and identifies any maintenance needed. It can be time consuming if not part of regular property practice and cleaning must be thorough.

Follow up

Inspect cleaning sites and manage any serrated tussock plants that emerge.

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