Prevention of spread

Preventing serrated tussock from establishing on your land is the most cost effective way of managing serrated tussock. Manage all infestations before they set seed. Landholders with seeding serrated tussock should make the effort to prevent seed spread onto neighbouring properties. As wind easily spreads serrated tussock it is important to have plans in place to prevent its spread.

See for further details. Prevent vehicles and machinery, stock, people from spreading seed. Avoid working in infested areas until serrated tussock is controlled, minimise movement into and out of infested areas when serrated tussock is in seed, stay on formed tracks and roads and work in clean areas first.

Control Method Rating
CostLow Medium High
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Prevention works can be undertaken at any time of year on all types of land.

Pros and cons

Prevention is a lot easier and cheaper in the long term and also targets other weeds. The main difficulty is identifying the threat of serrated tussock before it arrives on your property. Prevention requires foresight and planning to identify potential pathways of spread and take actions to minimise incursions.

Follow up

Regular maintenance is required.


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