About the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party

In 1995 the community was deeply concerned with the spread of serrated tussock, a devastating weed that had invaded 140,000 ha of land in Victoria. In response to that community concern, a strategy for the control of serrated tussock in Victoria was produced, which called for the development of the Victorian Serrated Tussock Society, as it was known then. Today, that organisation is the community-managed and driven Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP).

Since that time, the Working Party has strived in partnership with all levels of government and their agencies, industry, research institutions, Landcare and the wider community to achieve the recommendations of the Victorian Serrated Tussock Strategy. These include undertaking research into pastures and herbicide technology, production of appropriate extension materials, provision of incentives to land managers and community groups and a comprehensive mapping, extension, monitoring, and compliance campaign.

The VSTWP is an incorporated non profit organisation comprised of community members in collaboration with a range of stakeholders, including members of the State Government, Catchment Management Authorities, Local Government, Landcare, VicRoads and Vline/VicTrack.

Program staff and extension officers work closely with Landcare groups, land holders, local government, and other agencies to promote a holistic approach to land management and serrated tussock control. The VSTWP is part of a wider effort to manage pest animals and plants in Victoria. Similar initiatives include the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce and the Gorse Task Force. The key financial supporter of the VSTWP is Agriculture Victoria.