VSTWP train City of Bendigo staff members

IMG 3416

VSTWP Community Engagement Officer, Ivan Carter, has trained bushcrew members and rangers from the City of Greater Bendigo in best practice Serrated tussock management. Topics included in the training package were how to best idenfity, treat, prevent the spread and manage Serrated tussock using best practice principles and the latest research.

Staff from the City of Bendigo requested to conduct the training in the field, where it was possible to see large infestations of Serrated tussock and other native grasses. This is a different approach from the usual depot training with live plants for identification and allowed the staff to test their new skills in the field. The training was conducted at Mount Holden in Sunbury, a site well known for its native grasslands and large infestations of Serrated tussock.

“It was excellent to be able to have the field staff and bush crew members from the City of Bendigo make the trip to Sunbury for the training”. “It is important that staff have time to practice their identification in the field and walk around testing their skills after the training” said Ivan Carter.

The VSTWP will train the City of Ballarat next month, followed by Hepburn and Central Goldfields Shires.