Forestry and native vegetation

Trees and shrubs compete with serrated tussock and reduce the movement of seeds across the landscape. Seek advice from farm forestry advisors on the best species and methods for your area and goals. Fencing is needed to keep stock off the land and rabbit control is vital.

Control Method Rating
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Planting trees and shrubs is a good option to control serrated tussock where pasture cannot be established, such as steep gorges and inaccessible areas, erosion-prone soils, creeks and valleys. Autumn is generally the best time, as it gives the plant time to establish itself before the next summer.

Pros and cons

Plantations may reduce serrated tussock infestations while producing income. Trees provide a windbreak and so reduce the risk of wind-spread serrated tussock seed. Trees also provide habitat, encourage biodiversity, increase the environmental health of your land and can earn carbon credits. However, farm forestry is labour intensive and a long-term investment and takes many years to reach canopy closure and supress serrated tussock growth. If trees are harvested there is a risk of serrated tussock re-establishing. Plantations may also harbour pest animals. Plantations are a long-term investment and alternative source of income.

Follow up

Spot spray and manage plant growth around establishing trees to encourage best growth and rapid canopy closure.

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