Community engagement workshop success

VSTWP - Community Workshop

The VSTWP hosted a free workshop on community engagement knowledge and practice change on Saturday 25 May, with renowned engagement expert Lisa Adams. The workshop was attended by 11 people from a broad range of community members and stakeholders who were interested in supporting or engaging landowners to better manage serrated tussock.

The event was funded by the Federal Government, through the Agriculture White Paper, and aimed to use innovation and engagement to better motivate sustainable landscape change across Victoria.

The attendees ranged from students studying conservation and land management, to local government staff, to landowners who have been impacted by serrated tussock. It gave a terrific opportunity for attendees to share  knowledge and experience of what is going well and the issues they faced, in a professionally facilitated, peer-based learning environment.

It was widely agreed by those who attended, and gave feedback, that they increased their knowledge and ability to engage with the community to manage serrated tussock. It also allowed a chance for the community champions to refresh on some new ideas provided by Lisa Adams and help make a difference in the community.