VSTWP presents troubling tussock at Sheepvention

The VSTWP had a terrific time at the Sheepvention a few weeks ago, with many landowners coming to see the live Serrated Tussock plants and learn the finer skills of how to best identify this noxious weed. Hamilton is directly in the firing line for infestations of Serrated Tussock, with larger infestations to the east and south of the township. The VSTWP were situated near other community groups and Agriculture Victoria, which was beneficial for all groups and many interested people visited both sites.

Wendy Bitans and Loki McIntyre represented the VSTWP at the Sheepvention Event, and both suggested it was excellent for all things rural and farming and was well worth the effort. The focus this year was on Men’s Health and the event really emphasises educaiton, rather than lots of rubbish stalls and sales items. Wendy and Loki said well over 100 people attended the VSTWP stall, including people from South Australia and Tasmania. Younger children in particular were very interested in the plant and what it looked like, a good sign for the future.

The VSTWP have been planning more action in the western part of the State, with the possibility of future extension or surveillance projects on the cards. Sheepvention is a massive event, with over 10,000 people attending on the few days, and is a useful way to engage with the public, and many landowners were curious to see what the plants looked like, and had noted that they had seen signage many times over but were still unaware of what to look for.\

It was agreed by all who visited the tent, that serrated tussock would decimate the regions pastures and wool industry, and that it needs to be managed before it takes hold.

The next big VSTWP event will be the Sunbury Ag Show in late October 2019. If you have an event you would like us to attend, please email us at: info@serratedtussock.com