Online Education Series Week 7: Serrated Tussock Control Environmental Impacts

The VSTWP are keen to increase our online engagement during the isolation phase of the COVID-19 virus spread. We hope this will enable the community and our stakeholders to have access to high-quality videos and education resources during the next few months, without leaving their property.

As well as providing access to our video series, we are also keen to provide free mailouts of any information you may require, including identification sheets and management guides.

We are lucky enough to have 13 videos on our YouTube channel, which have been produced over the past decade. Some of these videos are case studies, whilst others cover the topics of identification and best practice management principles.

Week 7 of our Education Series covers the environmental impacts of different Serrated Tussock control methods versus no control at all. A big thank you to the Central Tablelands LLS-NSW State Government for permission granted to the VSTWP to use this video as educational material. Please enjoy and share, and post any questions you have.