Agrifocus proves a great platform for tussock education

The VSTWP were well received at the popular Agrifocus 2023, which is put on by Southern Farming Systems in the tiny town of Stratham VIC. Agrifocus is Southern Farming Systems leading technical event for high rainfall zone farming systems and is attended by landholders from mostly western Victoria. 

The VSTWP delivered targeted advice to the attendees over the long day, in between talks by leading experts in all matters of farming. The event was well attended, with landowners and managers having a chance to see serrated tussock specimens and learn how to best manage serrated tussock infestations.

The weather was perfect with numbers at the event very strong, with VSTWP members working hard to ensure landowners weren’t left disappointed. Community Representative Topsy Baulch attended on behalf of the VSTWP, along with Communications and Engagement Officer, Ivan Carter.

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The highlight of the event was the incredible knowledge of the landholders and guest speakers. Of most interest again were the live specimens of serrated tussock and native poa grass, where landowners could compare the two side by side. “We always ensure we can show landholders exactly how to tell the similar species apart. Plenty of landowners have seen the signs around the state, but few have seen live plants” said Community Engagement Officer Ivan Carter.

The VSTWP were next to mostly business and education stalls, which helped attract people to a variety of different displays and presented information on best practice management to new landowners in the region.

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Original chair and one of the founding member of the VSTWP, Scott Chirnside (left) and Topsy Bulch (VSTWP)

The region around Stratham and its surroundings has a few infestations of serrated tussock, with landowners recently discovering a few new infestations, which is concerning. There are larger infestations to towards Hamilton.

The next event for the VSTWP will be the Hume City Field Day in late October 2023, which is put on by local Government.