VSTWP develop new strategy: 2023-2028

The VSTWP are pleased to present the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party Strategy 2023-2028. This Strategy outlines how the VSTWP will go about its work to achieve its vision of reducing the impact of serrated tussock on Victoria’s economy, environment, and communities.

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During the process of developing the new Strategy, the VSTWP took the opportunity to assess the achievements of the Working Party over the past five years. A quarter of the actions from the previous strategy have been completed and 46% of the actions are in progress or on-going. There was also an increase in community engagement through
social media platforms, best practice guides, extension programs, agricultural shows and field days. These achievements have informed this Strategy, to ensure the Working Party is continuing to successfully engage with communities to raise awareness of the impacts of serrated tussock and improve its management.

The VSTWP has been working since its inception in 1995, to create collaborative partnerships with stakeholders, government, and communities to better manage serrated tussock. We aim to continue to maintain existing partnerships and foster new ones, to raise community awareness and increase the capability to prevent and manage serrated tussock and reduce its impact on affected communities.

Chair of the VSTWP, Lance Jennison, said ‘the Strategy represents the Working Party’s continuing commitment to supporting and collaborating with stakeholders to manage and reduce the impacts of serrated tussock. By implementing this Strategy, the Working Party are actively preventing significant future economic, environmental and social impacts on communities, stakeholders, and the state of Victoria’.

To download a copy of the 2023-2028 strategy, please click on the link below. If you have any questions about the strategy, please email us at: info@serratedtussock.com

Click here: VSTWP Strategy 2023-2028

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