New video highlights mental tussock toll

The VSTWP have recently published two new valuable videos on their YouTube channel, in order to engage and deliver information to land managers on the impacts of the noxious weed serrated tussock. The videos focus on the mental and emotional toll of managing invasive species, such as serrated tussock, and how all landowners need to support each other in the battle to control the weed.

The videos feature two community champions, Alan Morton and Joe Lesko, who reside in the Pentland Hills near Bacchus Marsh, and have been managing serrated tussock for decades, spending thousands of hours and dollars to control the invasive grass. They both talk about their experiences and disappointment that they have to do persistent all year due to neighbouring properties not controlling their serrated tussock. Serrated tussock is blown in the spring and summer winds, with seeds spreading upto 20km under ideal conditions.

The VSTWP have traditionally provided one on one extension services and print media services to landowners affected and impacted by the invasive grass serrated tussock, but are now also focusing on providing additional community engagement and extension services through videos.

The VSTWP YouTube channel continues to keep landholders updated with the latest control methods, best practice, research, treatment information and extension material and provides new information and discussion on all matters serrated tussock. The Youtube channel now features 24 videos ranging from how to identify serrated tussock, the VSTWP background, control methods and video case studies featuring landowners who have been battling serrated tussock for decades.

Community engagement officer from the VSTWP Ivan Carter said “Youtube is unique in that it allows users and the community to have discussions on different treatment options and sharing success stories, or even ask for assistance on the details of best practice management”. “The Youtube site aims to reach landowners and managers that might not be aware of the resources and educational information the VSTWP can offer them to assist with identifying, treating and managing this detrimental weed of significance” notes Mr Carter.

The Chairperson of the VSTWP, Lance Jennison, said “I would encourage anyone who has not visited and liked our Facebook site or Youtube Channel to explore of the resources available and services our group can offer groups and individuals”. “The Youtube channel will be another useful tool in our engagement tool kit, and will allow landowners to stay updated with instant access to the latest videos, and achievements and best practice management we can deliver”.

The two new videos can be found on the Youtube page by searching “serrated tussock” in the YouTube search engine or by visiting:

We thank Alan Morton and Joe Lesko for sharing their experience in managing the impacts of serrated tussock and wish them both well in bringing the community along with them. The mental strain and emotional impacts from invasive species can be terrible and long lasting, particularly if neighbouring properties are not managing the risk.