Grow Choice updates VSTWP and community on Fluproponate production

The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) recently completed their quarterly meeting in Bacchus Marsh in late March 2024 and hosted guest speaker Robert Fagan, owner of agricultural chemical company Grow Choice.

Robert gave an insightful presentation on his experience in returning the selective herbicide, Fluproponate, to the market and the challenges he has faced in finding an alternative recipe that complies with strict new production licences in overseas production facilities. Fluproponate is the only registered selective herbicide for the invasive noxious weed, Serrated Tussock, and was removed from the market for two years during the COVID period, with serious doubts that it would ever return to the market.

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The VSTWP are grateful to Robert for his firsthand account of developing a new recipe for the selective herbicide and the massive challenges he has overcome to get it back on the shelves for landowners across the country.  Robert travelled all the way down from Tamworth to deliver his presentation first-hand and covered the topics of production restraints, price updates, purity of the new production line and also his concerns for the herbicide remaining on the market and the need for further trials to assist with this task requirement.

Robert was asked many questions about the price increases since returning the product to the market and stated that ‘due to new restrictions on ingredients, we have a limited supply of raw ingredients, that has resulted in significant cost increases but an increase in purity of production’. ‘We are aiming to do all we can to increase the production volume and sourcing new supplies of raw ingredients to reduce the cost of this unique product to the consumer, land managers and landowners’ noted Mr Fagan.

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The VSTWP is a state-wide community organisation that aims to reduce the impact of the noxious weed Serrated Tussock (Nassella trichotoma) across Victoria. They meet every quarter and invite the community and stakeholders to hear updates on the latest management practices, project overviews and from a variety of guest speakers. The next meeting will be at 1pm on 15 May 2024, at the Seymour State Government Office, with the community and stakeholders encouraged to attend, please contact the VSTWP below for further details.

Serrated tussock is an introduced invasive plant from South America that rapidly decreases the biodiversity of native grasslands and seriously reduces the agricultural capacity of properties. Chairman of the VSTWP Lance Jennison said “Serrated tussock now covers over 250,000 hectares of land in Victoria and has caused heartache for many landowners battling the invasive grass”. “The VSTWP is an incorporated organisation comprised of community members in collaboration with a range of stakeholders, including members of the State Government, Catchment Management Authorities, Local Government, Landcare, VicRoads and Vline/VicTrack” said Mr Jennison.

For further information about joining the VSTWP or to attend meetings, please contact Ivan Carter on 0422605953. For more information on serrated tussock, please visit