Now Open: Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants Round 1

Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants Round 1.

The Australian Government is inviting organisations via an Open competitive process to apply to deliver projects under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program – Small Grants Round 1.

Small Grants are for small-scale projects at the grassroots and community level that will support farmers and land holders to adopt sustainable agriculture best practices, as well as facilitate and implement practice change. The grants will improve management of our natural resources and increase sustainable on-farm productivity and resilience to climate change.

The grants allow for a wide range of projects and initiatives, providing opportunities for information delivery and extension as well as scaling up of existing local initiatives. New or innovative, as well as tried and tested, climate-smart, sustainable agricultural practices are in scope.

Intended outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Farmers, land holders and community groups have increased knowledge and skills in implementing best practice, locally applicable, climate-smart, sustainable agriculture approaches, including practices that conserve natural capital and biodiversity.
  • Outcome 2: There is an increase in the number of farmers, land holders and/or communities that have adopted climate-smart, sustainable agriculture practices.

The grant opportunity will also focus on strengthening First Nations engagement and participation in climate-smart, sustainable agriculture projects and initiatives.

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To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • for individuals, be a permanent resident of Australia
  • have an account with an Australian financial institution
  • be financially viable
  • be located in Australia.

You must also be one of the entity types listed in section 4.1 of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.


Grant Activity Timeframe:

Assessment of applications – Within 8 weeks from the closing date

Approval of outcomes of selection process – Within 12 weeks from the closing date

Notification of outcomes to successful applicants – Within 14 weeks from the closing date

Negotiations and award of grant agreements – Within 20 weeks from the closing date

Earliest start date of grant activity –  November 2024

End date of grant activity – November 2026

Instructions for Application Submission:

To apply, you must:

  • complete one application form for each project proposal, available on GrantConnect
  • provide all the information requested
  • address all eligibility criteria and assessment criteria
  • include all necessary attachments
  • submit your application/s to the Community Grants Hub by 9:00 pm AEST on 4 June 2024.

CLICK HERE: Current Grant Opportunity View – GO4745: GrantConnect (